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      Founded in 1975, the Museum is localized in the building enclose to the Collegiate. Here is a lot of value historical pieces and documents of the history of the Collegiate, like the 1136’s foundational parchment, signed up by the first Archbishop of Compostela, Diego Gelmírez; archaeological pieces from the antique Romanic cloister, made by Master Mateo and his continuators; liturgical objects and craftsmanship pieces from the priory of Sar, dated from 18th century; etc.

      The visit to the Museum is designing in a five rooms route, where the visitor can observes an enormous repertory of pieces that, with an ordinate argue line, gives a didactic and instructive character about the history of this Augustinian community since its foundation as priory, its transformation in Collegiate and finally in parish of Santiago’s Archdiocese.