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- Room 2 -

      Dedicated to the origins of the priory of Sar. This is the reason why the original parchment from 1136 gets an especial significance, which expresses the consent of Gelmírez Archbishop for the Romanic Church built and the monastic dependences, as proposition of Munio Alfonso. At the same time, are several the documents showed in that room in relation to the successive donations and immunities received by the Augustinian community, contributions that were clef for the economic strengthen; emphasized privilege of the King Henry IV (1471), that confirms immunity of Royal tribute (as know as “el yantar del Rey”) of the priory of Sainte Marie of Sar, the same as Henry III and John II done.

      The causes that contributed to the progressive enlargement of Sar appears, at the same time, the successive annexations of some rural temples –that room corresponds, thanks to the conservation of different manuscripts of the period.

Those documents altogether blends in this space with some architectural elements appertaining to the 13th century cloister almost disappeared in its totality. In this way, a careful selection of capitals, bases and other pieces helps to rebuild fancifully the aesthetic aspect of this interesting part of medieval building.

      The presence of Augustinians in the Way to Compostela and its hospice dedication evokes in this room with a polychrome wood image of Saint Roque of Montpellier (18th century), Saint with a big devotion in Galicia and represented as a pilgrim. This is the principal Baroque piece in a Room where emphasized the medieval.